Buy BGASC Gold and Silver Bullion Online in 2023

BGASC Gold and Silver – is a website that offers an online platform for those who are looking to purchase gold bars, coins, and other valuable coins. Whether you are a collector looking for a historical coin with limited circulation or you simply want cheap platinum, aluminum, or copper coins Buy Gold and Silver Coins (BGASC) is a service to connect buyers with sellers. Those looking to trade collections or simply expand their investments can use this website as well.

Buy BGASC Gold and Silver Bullion Online

Buy BGASC Gold and Silver

There are many options available online and on different platforms where you can buy gold and silver coins and bars, so seeking out reviews and other research options are helpful before investing in a potentially fraudulent coin. Here is some of the information that is available on BGASC that should help you decide if this is a company you want to use for purchasing precious metal coins.

Preferred Seller on eBay and Merchant

The overall response to does seem positive. However, they are not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau, even if their site does state that they have never had a bad review. While the absence of a rating is not necessarily always a bad thing, the BBB is typically considered a gold standard in determining whether or not a business’s services and practices are sound.

On their website, they mention that they are an merchant, a member of the Certified Coin Exchange, an official PCGS Dealer, a member of the NGC Collector’s Society, and a Bulk Purchaser of non-bullion coins from the United States Mint.

BGASC is also a preferred seller on, one of the most commonly used auction and merchant websites on the internet. There are currently multiple positive reviews on their eBay account, which does have rigid standards for rating buyers and sellers alike. There are literally thousands of positive comments that more than outweigh the few negative ones there. Most praised the speedy shipping time and transparent business dealings.

Social Media Presence and Other Positive Feedback

Unlike many gold and silver buyers and sellers, BGASC has a social media presence on Facebook where users can also leave their feedback. There are several positive comments on their Facebook wall, along with informative posts about their products and services. While there is no rating standard on Facebook, other good rating websites seem to have positive reviews as well.

Full Disclosure on Website

The website offers a page with a full list of reviews and other customer feedback from a wide variety of sources and from different customers in other parts of the country. This page not only lists several positive reviews but also has links to the other review pages on the internet and a listing of other respected credentials, including a relationship with Lloyds of London.

Precious Metals IRAs at BGASC.Com

Open A Self-Directed IRA Account

In order for your Self-Directed IRA account to remain IRS compliant, it must be managed by an IRA Custodian. Select one of our preferred partner IRA Custodians listed below or let us know if you already have a custodian in mind.

Inform your Custodian that you’d like to open a Self-Directed IRA with the intention of buying precious metals from Your custodian will help you choose the best Depository where your precious metals will be stored.

Fund Your IRA Account

When your Self-Directed IRA account is open, your next step is to deposit funds into the IRA account. Whether you are rolling over an existing account or funding a new one, your IRA Custodian will guide you through the process.

Once your account has funds, your IRA custodian will notify Buy Gold and Silver Corp. of your contribution amount, and you are ready to lock in an order with

Purchase IRA Approved Products

Once your IRA account has been funded, you may call Buy Gold and Silver Corp. toll-free at 1-888-992-4272 to lock in a purchase of IRA Eligible Precious Metals. IRA transactions must be done by phone to accommodate their special handling.

Your IRA Precious Metals are shipped fully insured from Buy Gold and Silver Corp. to your chosen depository for safe storage in a high-security facility. You will be notified by your IRA Custodian when your metals arrive at the depository.

Credit: BGASC


People who have purchased gold, silver, and other coins and bars made of precious metals from BGASC do seem to be satisfied on Ebay and other sites. Despite a lack of rating from the Better Business Bureau every other reputable website seems to have almost nothing but universal praise for the services provided by

We would be a bit reluctant to recommend BGASC for a Gold IRA or 401k rollover, however, merely because unlike other precious metals dealers this is not an area that they specialize in.

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