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Blanchard Gold Review – With so much uncertainty in the economy people are looking for alternative methods to make and invest money. Blanchard and Company have been at the forefront of the gold-selling movement since buying gold became legal in the 1970s.

Blanchard and Company Gold IRA

Blanchard Gold Review

The employees at the company have a history of understanding the industry as a whole, with experience that rivals few others. That doesn’t mean that Blanchard and Company are perfect. It is an organization that has been through occasional rough spots. Even with their experience and good history should you trust your investments to Blanchard and Co.? Let us investigate a bit deeper…

Consumer Opinion

Blanchard and Company seem to have a good reputation online. Many consumer reviews show nothing but positive feedback and high expectations. Consumers from all across the country have written about their positive experiences with this gold seller. At first glance, it seems that the company shines as brightly as the precious metal it sells.

Gold and Silver Investment Company

However, upon closer inspection, there are a few cracks. When researching the company it is a good idea to look at many of the consumer review and advocacy sites that are on the web. These include companies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Ripoff Report.

Blanchard and Company BBB

Viewing the profile of Blanchard and Company through the Better Business Bureau website is simple. Interpreting the information found there isn’t always as easy. Blanchard and Company are listed as being accredited and holding a grade of A+. On the surface, these two seem to be a good thing.

Accreditation means that the company is doing what the BBB deems to be important while an A+ status, which is the highest grade you can get, says it is good for any consumer to use. To receive that A+ status a company must be accredited. To become accredited, a company must pay a fee. This can be somewhat controversial since some industry insiders take the view that the highest rating that the BBB gives out can only be bought. It must be noted that this is just the opinion of a minority, however.

Blanchard and Company BBB

There are also fourteen complaints against the company recorded on the Better Business Bureau website. These complaints range from typical service issues to questionable practices regarding products. It is true that these cases have all been closed, which means they have been dealt with satisfactorily, but the fact remains that complaints were still filed against this company in the first place.

Blanchard and Company Ripoff Report

The Ripoff Report is a website that is driven by consumer-generated content. Everything on the site is created by individuals who feel disgruntled with a company. There are complaints about Blanchard and Company on this website ranging in tone and quality.

One of the worst experiences posted is that of a man who wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the product Blanchard and Company sold him. He alleges that he tried to sell the coins back to the company but was unsuccessful. The agent wanted to give him half of what he had originally purchased for the coins. A little in shock, the customer went to a coin dealer and found that his product wasn’t worth nearly as much as he paid.


When a business such as Blanchard and Company has such a good reputation it is hard to find many blemishes against them. We have highlighted some of them here but it has to be pointed out that the majority of the online comments are positive. It is good for a company to have so many customers that are willing to vouch for the quality of their services. Anyone that is looking for a good IRA and Gold selling company should consider using Blanchard and Company, but further research is recommended. Be vigilant and critical. Not every review is truthful and not every person praising or criticizing a company is doing it for the right reasons.

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