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Fidelity Gold IRA, also known as Fidelity Investments, has been in the IRA and 401k Rollover business for many years. They are a company that understands the system and all the processes involved well. That being the case, when consumers are looking for a company to help them buy gold and rollover their IRAs Fidelity Gold IRA has to be worth consideration. So, is this company as good as its reputation leads people to believe? In-depth research on the internet will help answer this…

Fidelity Consumer Review Sites

Fidelity Consumer Review Sites

Nowadays consumer review sites offer disgruntled consumers the facility to post complaints against a company for others to see. Many such websites give consumers the tools to do this, even going as far as to help them resolve the conflict with the company. Of course, you cannot take all complaints at face value and you have to recognize that there are always two sides to every story, but if there are enough complaints in evidence then it is prudent to take this into consideration in your evaluation.

We discovered two websites that have various complaints listed about Fidelity Gold IRA, namely Scambook and Consumer Affairs.

Fidelity Gold IRA Scambook

Scambook describes itself as a complaint resolution platform, set up with the aim of helping consumers and businesses resolve their differences. According to this site, Fidelity Gold IRA has upset at least one person. He claims that he was a loyal customer for twenty years, between 1992 and 2012 and he alleges that in 2012 the tone of the company began to change.

Fidelity Gold IRA Scambook

His complaint is that while he previously always got his quarterly reports on time, his first report of the year didn’t arrive. Apparently, this led him to complain and when he did finally receive his report he claims that there was a significant amount of money missing from a transfer that he says he didn’t approve of. As of the time of this writing, no resolution has been made between the customer and the company.

Fidelity Gold Consumer Affairs

This website lists several more complaints against Fidelity Investments, which deals with a wide range of investments, not just ones that center on gold selling and IRA rollovers. The complaints listed on this board reflect this.

One of the most serious complaints in evidence, filed in January 2014, refers to the experience of a customer who requested a 401a balance. He alleges that the company complied with his request, but sent him a check through the normal mail, with no security or verification, and without informing him that it had been sent. Apparently, the check didn’t arrive, and when the customer investigated further it came to light that someone else had received the check and cashed it. At the time of writing this customer is still in dispute with the company, claiming that they are blaming him and therefore refusing to give him a refund.


Fidelity Gold IRA has a proven track record and they have a wide portfolio of investment services that goes beyond just buying gold and rolling over funds into a gold-based IRA.

It has to be noted that there are numerous complaints leveled at the company online. Even if some of these complaints are bogus, which is more than likely, it doesn’t mean that they all are. In view of the number of negative reviews in evidence, it is recommended that you conduct your own additional research if you are considering using this company so that you can draw your own conclusions.

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