GOLDMART – America’s Low Cost Precious Metals Dealer

GOLDMART is a popular website for buying or selling gold, silver, and other precious metals. As with all websites of this nature, it is prudent to do some research into the company before choosing to do business with them. The research we have done on Goldmart has shown us that they have two very distinct sides to their business. While they have a very good reputation with customers who have sold their valuables to the company, this is not the case with customers who purchased products from them.

Goldmart Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has rated Goldmart with a D- on a scale of A+ to F. This is extremely low and shows the company in a poor light. This poor rating is most probably because so many complaints have been filed against the company by their customers.

Goldmart Better Business Bureau

Most of these complaints focus on delivery issues. There are many claims that not only did Goldmart fail to deliver products purchased from them in a timely manner, but that their customer service was poor when it came to responding to emails and phone calls about these late deliveries.

There are also complaints on record about the Goldmart website sometimes displaying items as ‘in stock’ when this is not the case, and references are made to the fact that this compounds the late delivery issues.

With over 80 complaints registered on the BBB’s website, the company’s commitment to punctual deliveries after receiving payment for products purchased from them comes into question.


The saving grace for Goldmart’s reputation is the fact that they offer more services than the simple sale of precious metals.

Despite the general negativity around its gold-selling business, the company has gained much more trust when it comes to the gold-buying side of its business. In fact, many of its customers have reported that Goldmart is an excellent place to sell your used valuables.

Goldmart’s Reputation

Positive reviews include the fact that they are often willing to pay a little more than everyone else and that their customer service representatives who deal with buying your valuables from you are very friendly and do not pressure you at all.

Luckily for Goldmart, this saves their reputation. After researching the internet it was very difficult to find a customer that had a bad experience with selling their precious metals to this company. Reviews suggest that the process of selling your used valuables is fast and painless – after your items have been reviewed you are presented with a price offer from the company (which is usually better than you could get anywhere else). Once the offer is accepted, and they have received your item, you quickly receive payment in the method of your choice.


Overall, GoldMart is without a doubt a two-sided coin. The company has gained a less than reputable name for itself through the many issues related to shipping. This makes them a source that you should be wary of when looking to purchase precious metals, which of course includes IRA and 401k rollovers. However, they do prove to be a great marketplace for selling your valuables.

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