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Recovering from addiction successfully requires the right changes in your lifestyle. Here are the top key Life Skills for Addicts for people in recovery. Part of a successful drug rehabilitation program is learning how to live a life of drug abstinence once you have left your addiction treatment center.

Recovery After Addiction Treatment

Life Skills for Addicts

Transformations Treatment Center has an excellent program to help recovering addicts learn how to re-assimilate themselves into society once they have completed their drug rehabilitation program. Many addicts must re-learn some essential life skills.

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There are two reasons for this:

1. “Normal” life skills are often abandoned in favor of drug-seeking behaviors while an addict is in the throes of his or her addiction. Because they have learned drug-seeking habits, the healthy habits he or she might have once had are forgotten.

2. Drug rehabilitation offers the addict a chance to get clean in a safe and monitored environment. Often the client becomes reliant upon that monitoring to keep him or her from returning to her former behaviors. Once this monitoring is removed, many clients find that they are not sure how to monitor themselves or how to get themselves into a regular, drug-free routine.

Transformations Treatment Center understands that the transition from life in rehab to life in the “regular world” is difficult for many recovering persons. We have put together a Life Skills portion of our Programs, to help clients make that transition and learn how to continue leading a drug-free life outside of rehab.

Here are some of the things that are covered in the Life Skills portion of our Programs:

Finding Aftercare and Outpatient Services

While some recovering persons are able to shift seamlessly from life at rehab to a drug-abstinent lifestyle in the outside world, many drug addicts have trouble making the transition. The Life Skills training at Transformations Treatment Center provides clients with information on aftercare and outpatient drug rehabilitation programs available in the area where the client will be residing after treatment. AA and NA meetings are located in their local areas, as well as guidance in finding a local sponsor that they can rely on.

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Time Management, Job Seeking, and Other Life Skills

After leaving treatment in an environment with a strict schedule, the recovering person may struggle with goal setting and time management. They may feel “at loose ends,” or as though time constantly gets away from them. What often happens is that they become overwhelmed.

At Transformations, we teach the client how to prioritize daily tasks to lower the stress involved with accomplishing what is important. We also deal with how to battle boredom, a factor researchers have found has a strong link to addiction. It is important for the recovering person to find a healthy balance in their life – be it work, school, or volunteering their time.

Life after rehab is a challenge. The team at Transformations Treatment Center understands just how difficult re-assimilation can be. The Life Skills portion of the TTC program teaches the recovering person how to deal with everyday life, how to stay healthy, and how to build a future – all while staying sober.

The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support, and guidance. At Transformations Treatment Center, we can help you. Our homelike residences help us provide a safe and serene campus environment. Transformations’ skilled therapists, their individualized approach to therapy, and our holistic rehabilitation philosophy make this unique addiction treatment center a major improvement over other treatment centers. While others address only the addiction, we help heal the mind, body, and spirit of the recovering person.

We know you’re in pain. We can help

If you or someone you know is facing an addiction, help is available from a professional and reliable treatment center.

Please contact the Transformations Treatment Center admissions office today for Best Life Skills for Addicts.

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